Army National Guard – Charlotte, NC

Charlotte, NC – Here at AFV Specialties we are privileged to partner with many great General Contractors such as Edison Foard Construction Services. We were fortunate to partner with them on the 145th C-130 Squadron Operations Facility in Charlotte, NC. Our scopes for this project included Specialty Cast Plaques, External Cast Lettering, Interior Signage, Toilet Compartments and Accessories, and Projection Screens. This was one exciting project to do.

Ft. Pickett, VA

Blackstone, VA – AFV Specialties had the honor of helping to complete the Foreign Affairs Security Training Center in Ft. Pickett, VA with Mortenson Construction. In this state of the art facility we had the privilege of purchasing and installing Tack and Marker Boards, Corner Guards, Signage, Fire Protection, Knox Boxes, AED Cabinets, Toilet Partitions and Accessories, Entrance Mats, and Shelving. It was quite a job but working on such a great project was very rewarding.

Barracks Renovation – Ft. Gordon, GA

Augusta, GA – This project was a large barracks renovation project with Alutiq Manufacturing Contractors in Ft Gordon, GA. Our great partnering with Alutiq concluded as a huge success with the purchasing and installation of Signage, Fire Protection, Toilet Accessories, and Entrance Mats. We are proud to serve our men and women of the military by helping to build top notch living facilities.

P707 Enlisted Barracks – Quantico, VA

Quantico, VA – Partnering with Whiting-Turner Construction on this large barracks remodel was one of the highlights of our year. This rewarding project was highlighted by seeing the finished installation of 3D wall protection. Other turnkey scopes that we got to do were Porcelain Marker Boards, Flagpoles, Mailboxes, Wire Mesh Security Cages, Toilet Partitions and Accessories, and a large SS Entrance Mat. This one was fun!

Goose Creek Nuclear Facility – Goose Creek, SC

Goose Creek, SC – This Nuclear Training Facility project was a successfully completed partnership with Caddell Construction that consisted of three separate buildings. AFV Specialties was responsible for procurement and installation of Toilet Compartments, Toilet Accessories, Wall Protection, Fire Extinguishers and Cabinets, and Lockers. Going through the scopes of this project was very rewarding.